About Us

The completely family-owned CPM-Metal Kft. has emerged from the idea that by the direction of our company, all the professional knowledge accumulated about design and production management in the machine industry in a decade, would fill those holes in the market, where customers are in great need of a high standard of professional competence and creativity.

Our company has successfully taken challenges on this path, quickly acquiring permanent partners, who lead an important role in the field of machine production industry, even on an international level. We are pleased to see that the tools produced by our company travel to any part of the world through our customers, whether it is through working machines in the building industry or production lines in the food industry.

At CPM-Metal Kft., we aim to apply technology from the side of engineering in the procedures of designing and the processing, enabling us to create the work pieces in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, we are able to offer appropriate pricing for our customers, while working in a precise deadline. Constantly raising our high professional standard, we select technicians with appropriate experience, use a production control system and regulate quality control.

Our watchword, therefore, is built around these three essential phrases: PROFESSIONALITY, PRECISION and PUNCTUALITY.

Dr. El Kohen-Kőszegi Anita
company executive