Our company undertakes the design, production, assembly and on-site installation of purpose machines in various areas, such as robot cells or rationing, constructing and delivering technology.

Throughout our workflow, we keep the requirements of our partners and the most optimal solutions in mind; therefore, we aim to reach the goals of our partners with the help of constant consultation and reconciliation. We guarantee the perfect operation of the purpose machines designed and produced at CPM-Metal, including the reparation and/or replacement of wearing parts within the shortest time possible.

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Prior to the designing phase, we conduct an assessment on-site, in which our engineers discuss the needs of our clients and the possible ways to achieve those goals. In the designing phase, we keep in touch with our partners, leading continuous discussions, since design review plays an important part in our working process.

In our wide range of possibilities, we guarantee: 

Planning the automatisation of constructionscrewing, oscillating plate technology, lubricating and gluing processes, oiling and greasing, pin installation and integration of cropping machines

We acquire supplies from the following companies: BOSCH, FESTO, SMC, OMRON, DEPRAG, SIEMENS

Planning the integration of industrial robots into production lines: we recommend using robots in various areas, especially in construction technology, moving, lifting and greasing

We acquire robots from the following companies: FANUC, MITSUBISHI, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS

Designing purpose machines according to specific demands: press machines, measuring machines, cold forming machines, drilling, sawing, palletizing units, design of screwing purpose machines

Design of supplier systems: designing of palette systems and their installation into assembly lines can be of service both in the food or in the car industries

Designing dosing technology: we offer opportunities for designing oscillation dosers usable in various areas.

We acquire screw dosers and oscillation dosers from the following companies: AFAG, TUMAC.

Execution and assembly

Following the assessments on-site, the consultations and the approval of design documentation, the process of production begins. Our company’s further advantage is that execution process is carried out by our own modern processing machines. Therefore, we do not need to employ any subcontractors and delivery within the deadline is guaranteed, also allowing us to offer lower prices for our customers. When the whole production process is complete, our professionals assemble the purpose machine at our site, in order to be able to start the testing process.


Since CPM-Metal strives for the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction, we subject the purpose machines to a 24-hour test production, thus ensuring its proper functioning in the future. We can provide our customers with a record about the testing as well.

Delivery and installation

Delivery inland is carried out in 24 hours to the address of our customers, after the production and the testing, with our own vehicle. In case of international delivery, we employ spedition services.

Following the delivery, our colleagues assemble the purpose machine and start it up.

Warranty and maintenance

We offer a warranty of 12 months for our machines. In case any problems would occur, maintenance on set is ensured, as well as repairing or modifying a tool, even manufacturing a part again, depending on the requirements of our partners. Another advantage of our company is that we preserve a storage supply of wearing parts, thus preventing our partners from having to stop production because of a missing part for a longer time.

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