It is our primary concern that we provide our customers with the highest quality possible, thus, we made sure that the working machines at CPM-Metal and the applied tools are fast, precise and up-to-date. At our company, high quality is assured on the human side as well, therefore, we only hire professionals with a decade of experience and thorough, high-level knowledge. In our working process, we use the QUAID production controlling system, which allows us to track the way of each of our products from the moment of ordering to the time it is shipped to our partners. For excluding any possibility of mistakes, modern measuring equipment is available for us; furthermore, we apply measuring plates in the process of production.

Our company offers the possibility for unique production, even for small and medium sized machine production: from precision parts to the working of larger-sized welded structures.

The main areas we aim for are heavy machinery, car, electronics, food industry, etc.

Related services

Production planning

In our production process, we work with materials partly acquired by our company (steel, tool steel, acid resisting steel, aluminium, plastics etc.) and partly by materials provided by our clients in case it is necessary. In order to reduce the length of deadlines, we keep frequently used material qualities and sizes in stock. Thus in case we need to make any quick changes to the size or the material quality of a part, we are able to produce it in the shortest amount of time possible, without having to extend the deadline because of material acquisition.

Our partner needs a special material quality? It is no problem! Due to our connections across Europe in the field of material acquisition, this enables us to acquire special materials in a relatively short time.

Quality clearance of material quality is attached if requested by the client.

During the production planning process, we use CAM software, which continuously calculates production processes, therefore, production at our facility can run as effectively as possible.


Already in the production planning phase, we make sure to have precision tools required for the project at our disposal in time, which are of the latest technology and the highest quality, produced in Germany and Switzerland. In this, our special partner is the German Hoffmann Group GmBh. With these tools, we are able to achieve a precision of +/- 0.0003 mm during work. Eliminating any possibility for errors, our professionals maintain the good state of all tools and calibrate the measuring equipment continuously.

In the execution process, we use measuring plates at all times. We can provide our customers with a record about the testing as well, if requested.

It is of high importance to us to be in constant cooperation with the designer, thus being able to carry out any modifications in time.

Surface treatment, heat treatment

In case the workpiece requires surface or heat treatment, we have a solution for that as well, since we have established partner connections for executing these quickly, whether there is a need for eloxation, galvanisation, browning, nitridation, dust painting or case hardening.

Packaging and delivery

Following the production or the surface treatment of workpieces, we package them securely in order to prevent any damage during delivery to the site of our customer. Delivery inland is carried out in 24 hours to the address of our customers, after the production or surface treatment, with our own vehicle. In case of international delivery, we employ spedition services.

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