Our company offers the designing and manufacturing of cold forming tools. Above all else, we keep the requirements of our partners in mind and make sure to advise the most optimal solutions possible at all times. Therefore, we carry out continuous discussions, even throughout the period of designing, in order to achieve the certain satisfaction of our partners.

Our advantage is that we create the tools with our own modern, fast and precise processing machines, operated by technicians with a decade of experience and of high proficiency, thus ensuring great quality in manufacturing as well. In our working process, we use the QUAID production control system, which allows us to track the way of each of our products from the moment of ordering to the time it is shipped to our partners. For excluding any possibility of mistakes, modern measuring equipment is available for us; furthermore, we apply measuring plates in the process of production. We are also able to grant opportunity for the testing of cutting and bending tools on press machine.

Moreover, we offer to maintain tools and to repair or to replace wearing parts, all within the least amount of time possible.

Reasons to choose us

our professionals possess a decade of experience

our processing centres are new, suitable for manufacturing components in bigger sizes as well

in the process of production, we use German and Swiss tools of the latest technology

we use a production control system

quality is guaranteed due to our modern measuring technology

we offer a possibility for testing

the products are personally delivered to our customers

Related services


Tool designing is carried out in CAD, a 3D designing software. In designing, we offer a chance for simulation, being at the service of our partners with continuous discussions.


Following the consultations and the approval of the design documentation, the production begins. In order to shorten deadlines, we maintain a stock of common material qualities and sizes. In case a special material quality is necessary for production, we have a solution for that, too, due to our contacts in logistics across Europe. To certify material quality, we can attach a quality clearance.

Our company’s further advantage is that our own modern processing machines carry out the execution. Therefore, we do not need to employ any subcontractors and delivery within the deadline is guaranteed, also allowing us to offer lower prices to our customers. The production of a tool is proceeded by one machine and we already measure the tool on the CNC machine. The precision of processing, carried out with top quality German and Swiss tools, reaches +/-0.003 mm.


Since CPM-Metal strives for the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction, we offer an opportunity for a pressing test on the tools, thus ensuring its proper functioning in the future. We can provide a record about the testing as well.


Delivery inland is carried out in 24 hours, after the production and the pressing test, with our own vehicle. In case of international delivery, we employ spedition services.

Warranty and maintenance

We offer a warranty for our products. Maintenance on set is ensured, as well as repairing or modifying a tool, even manufacturing a part again, depending on the requirements of our partners. Another advantage of our company is that we preserve a storage supply of wearing parts, thus preventing our partners from having to stop production because of a missing part for a longer time.

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